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What is CPDP?

The Architect is very important in shaping the life of people and by extension, a Nation. The Architect has a responsibility to design and develop suitable accommodation to complement all facets of our daily life. These include the houses we live in, the schools our children attend, the bus stations, offices, and all other infrastructural components to provide good life to the people in communities.

In consideration of these roles, The Nigerian Institute of Architects recognises and acknowledged the need for capacity building for the Architect as well as a purposeful contribution to a nation whose infrastructure have not been developed.

Accordingly, the Building Research and Standards (BRS) Committee of the Institute was mandated to develop a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development Programme – Structure (CPDP-S) that will serve as a vehicle towards the realization of these objectives.

In this regard, the Committee has now developed a robust CPDP Structure which will complement the activities of Nigerian Architects and by extension, the Institute towards a more sustainable practice of Architecture of the Built Environment within the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

The structure affords individual capacity building, continuous development of the Institute as well as contributions to the communities we live in and the world at large.

The guidelines clearly show how the CPDP-S achieves these objectives and also how the professional Architect can realize CPDP – points for his effort and activities within the Built Environment.

It shall be mandatory for the Architect to score minimum CPDP-points for annual practice license renewal, whilst a very active and innovative Architect can get rewards for his activities and self competency development, service to the institute as well as contribution to the Community. The progression routes for attaining CPDP points and rewards are clearly illustrated.